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jueves, 16 de junio de 2011

Where's my Englishness?

I've just realised, since I have more free time right now, that my first posts in this blog were written in English. Maybe for laziness, I started to write in Spanish. Maybe or maybe not. Nothing is for sure in this life. And I think my literary style in English has decreased (has decreased?) a lot. I might be losing my Englishness...who knows? What could be a right translation in Spanish for the word "Englishness"? Don't know. Well, I've been up to interesting stuff lately. I'm highly interested in the course I'm taking in the morning, and now that I'm almost finished with the job as English coach teacher even more time is devoted to the course. The NLP stuff is penetrating my brain very quickly. Rapidly. Wow, the neighbours are making so much noise. You know, that crazy woman shouting at her children all day is provoking me a deep headache. At lunchtime it gets worse.But now the only sound is the computer's fan. That's great. Yeah, I've lost my Englishness, but I'm improving my other senses!
Here I add a picture symbolising Englishness in its pure state! Enjoy it!

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