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lunes, 28 de diciembre de 2009

Salón del Manga de Andalucía 2009

I know this was some time ago, but recently I have organised the pictures I took with my mobile phone.

Here some dolls in the exposition of BJdolls. They are so cute! I love these dolls and if they weren't so expensive, I would buy one to decorate my bedroom.

Here we have some people in the free karaoke. Those on the left are disguised as Eduard Elric (from the Fullmetal Alchemist manga) and the other is disguised as an Akatsuki member (from the Naruto manga). Those on the right are casual guys who didn't have the guts to get disguised! xD

Here's an pic of the Death Note's huge poster on the Salón del Manga. How awful, but I uploaded it since it's one my fav mangas/anime series.

Here more BJdolls, now it's the turn for the gothic section. They look pretty and cute, as always. I love them! I specially like the one with white hair, don't know exactly the reason,  but I like it the most.

And finally another picture with BJ dolls. Here's a family scene, very cute (these dolls are very cute no matter what they are doing!). And that's all. In this Salón I bought the first numbers of Vampire Knight, the second volume of Gantz and the free gift was another map of the subterranean train of Tokyo. Now I have two! Do you want one? Aske me! xD

Sephiroth is at home

Here is my brand new action figure of Sephiroth from the series of "Kingdom Hearts Play Arts vol. 2". The figure has about 20 points of articulation, so it's almost fully articulated. And it shows a marvellous detail in the painting and Seph's face is fantastic.